We Stop for You

Numerous bus shelters have been placed along our fixed routes at established bus stops to designate safe places to get on or off of a bus.  However, Twin Transit passengers seeking bus service are not required to be at a bus stop or shelter to get on or off of a bus.  Twin Transit allows passengers standing in a safe location to flag down any fixed route bus along its route and get on the bus.

To flag down a bus simply stand in a safe and visible area.  Choose a location on the right side of the road that will allow the driver room to pull the bus off of the roadway.  As the bus approaches you, look toward the bus and place your arm high in the air to get the driver's attention.  Once on the bus passengers may pull the Stop Request cord to signal to the driver to stop the bus at the next available location.  To flag down a bus in the dark or poor weather, passengers may consider using a flashlight or other visible device to help signal the driver.

Please know that Twin Transit bus operators may not stop the bus along unsafe streets that do not have a large enough shoulder or are in a congested area with high flowing traffic. Passengers seeking service in these areas are encouraged to travel to the closest available bus shelter.