Fares & Passes

The Following prices are valid as of June 1, 2015

Daily Prices
Fixed-Route One way trip:  $1.00
Paratransit One way trip:  $2.00

Fixed Route All-day Pass: $2.00
Paratransit All-day Pass:  $4.00

Monthly Passes
Fixed Route only:  $20.00
Fixed Route & Paratransit:  $25.00*

Centralia College Student
Registered Student: no charge with valid sticker

* Paratransit Monthly passes are available at the Twin Transit Office only

Passes can be purchased from the Twin Transit Office located at 212 E. Locust St. in Centralia or at the following locations:

  • Safeway (Centralia)
  • Shop N Kart (Fuller's)