Twin Transit Opens Mellen Street e-Transit Station

Twin Transit celebrated the Grand Opening of the Mellen Street e-Transit Station on June 3, 2021. What began as a simple park & ride has now been transformed into a comprehensive, clean energy-centered transit station, complete with electric bus service, wave induction charging, electric car charging, ample parking, and bicycle and pedestrian access. Both ofContinue reading “Twin Transit Opens Mellen Street e-Transit Station”

Twin Transit Receives New Electric Buses

Twin Transit’s new electric buses have arrived! These two beauties are quiet, emission-free, clean and comfortable. The Twin Transit team is currently completing specialized training, with plans to have the new buses on the road beginning June 4, 2021. Riders will love this new and improved transportation experience. These electric buses are so quiet, theyContinue reading “Twin Transit Receives New Electric Buses”

Hop on Twin Transit’s New Tumwater & Olympia Line

Did you know that Twin Transit now offers express weekday service from Centralia to Tumwater and Olympia? Now passengers can connect with Intercity Transit and ride all the way to Lacey, Aberdeen, and beyond! Now you can commute to work in Tumwater, Olympia or Lacey. You can ride public transit to go shopping at theContinue reading “Hop on Twin Transit’s New Tumwater & Olympia Line”

Route Updates

Thank you to all the Twin Transit riders who provided feedback on our new route system. We heard you! Your thoughts and ideas have provided valuable insight that we used to evaluate and update routes. The new and improved system is now in place! See the links below for full details: For current route information,Continue reading “Route Updates”