Twin Transit Receives National Grant

Great news! Twin Transit has been awarded a $75,000 National Center for Mobility Management Ready-to-Launch Grant for our new Dial-a-Ride program, DARTT. Twin Transit is one of only five nation-wide recipients of the funds, which are intended to address mobility challenges experienced by low-income, elderly, and/or underserved community members. Other awardees hail from Kansas, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Vancouver, Washington.

“We’d like to extend special thanks to Cascade Community Healthcare, who partnered with us on this grant application,” said Twin Transit Community Relations Director Andrea Culletto. “Our collective goal is to remove the transportation barrier so our community members can access quality healthcare and other life-essential services. Receiving this grant is an important step toward making that goal a reality.”

Twin Transit’s DARTT program offers direct door-to-door transportation service, within a 15-mile driving radius of Twin Transit’s Centralia or Chehalis location. Interested? Simply call 360-330-5555 or visit to learn more.

“Find Your Bus” Upgrade

Twin Transit is currently in the process of upgrading the “Find Your Bus” tracker on A new, more user-friendly version will roll out at the end of January. This updated application will feature several exciting upgrades and increased functionality.

The site’s bus tracking app will be temporarily disabled during the transition. In the meantime, please refer to Twin Transit route maps for the most up-to-date route information.

Need a Ride? Call DARTT!

Dial-a-Ride Twin Transit (DARTT) is a new door-to-door transportation program operating within a 15-mile driving radius of our Centralia and Chehalis locations.

How does it work?

It’s easy! Simply call 360-330-5555 to book and pay for your ride, at least 24 hours in advance. Once your reservation is made, a van will pick you up at the appointed day and time and take you where you need to go.

  • Reservations must be made by 4:00 p.m. the previous day (although more advance notice is appreciated).
  • Rides are available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Pickup and drop off points must be located within the DARTT service area map.
  • At least two hours of notice must be given for any cancelations or rescheduling of appointments.

Click here for passenger rules and regulations.

What is the DARTT Service Area?

DARTT offers transportation within a 15-mile drive time radius of Twin Transit’s Centralia and Chehalis locations.

DARTT Service Area Map:

You do not have to live within this region, but your ride does need to start and end within the service area map. We hope to expand the DARTT program to encompass an even wider geographic region in the future.

How much does it cost?

The price of each ride is based on mileage. The following chart shows a general pricing outline. For exact pricing and to book your ride, please call 360-330-5555.


MilesOne Way Price
0 – 5.0$3.00
5.1 – 10.0$6.00
10.1 – 15.0$9.00
15.1 – 20.0$12.00
20.1 – 25.0$15.00
25.1 – 30.0$18.00
30.1 +$21.00

If you choose for your DARTT ride to connect you with Twin Transit’s fixed route service, you will receive a free bus pass for that portion of your trip.

COVID Precautions 

As with our current fixed route and paratransit service, the safety of Twin Transit passengers and drivers is our primary concern. As such, stringent health and safety protocols are in place:

  • Each DARTT ride will be limited to two passengers or one family group
  • Each van features a Plexiglas shield between the driver and passengers
  • Each vehicle undergoes routine sterilization
  • Masking and adherence to social distancing protocols are required

DARTT’s individualized door-to-door service gets you where you need to go – better than ever before.

For more information, visit or call 360-330-5555.

Holiday Lights

December is here – and it looks a bit different than in previous years. Traditionally, we do our annual holiday lights tour this month. Unfortunately, current restrictions mean that we aren’t able to host this beloved event. Fortunately, we still have reason for cheer!

Instead of taking you to see the lights, we’re bringing the lights to you!

Keep an eye out for illuminated Twin Transit buses around town all month long!

Our team is hard at work decorating the buses – both inside and out. Check out the pictures below for a sneak peek of all the fun!

Twin Transit Prepares to Welcome Two New Electric Buses

Starting in early 2021, hoping on Twin Transit will be even more environmentally friendly. Complete Coach Works is currently converting two of Twin Transit’s 2004 35′ Gillig buses into electric ZEPS (Zero Emission Propulsion System) buses. This process of remanufacturing old buses into like-new ZEPS all-electric drivetrain systems reduces waste, maximizes resources, and decreases pollution and cost.

When it’s all said and done, Twin Transit will have two completely renovated electric buses on the road.

The purchase was made possible by Volkswagen Settlement and DERA Grant funding and is just another step in Twin Transit’s plans for a more eco-friendly and financially responsible future. By using electric, Twin Transit will decrease emissions, make public transit more affordable, and reduce maintenance and fuel costs. Plus, the electric buses are more pleasant to be around with less vibration and noise and zero exhaust.

Twin Transit is also preparing to break ground on the new Mellen Street e-Transit Station, which will be outfitted with wave induction charging to power the electric buses in-route. This bump charging system will supplement the overnight depot charging previously funded by a TransAlta grant. This dual system extends battery life and makes charging more efficient. When complete, the Mellen Street e-Transit Station will also include electric vehicle charging, bicycle and pedestrian access, and visual enhancements.

The completion of this project represents a significant milestone in Twin Transit’s efforts to operate a cleaner fleet, reduce operating costs and modernize service with cutting-edge green technology.

“It’s an exciting time,” said Community Relations Director Andrea Culletto. “Twin Transit has worked toward integrating green technologies for a long time. To see this dream becoming reality is truly fantastic.”

A Sneak Peek Inside Twin Transit’s Electric Bus Renovation

Several months ago, Twin Transit sent two diesel buses to California’s Complete Coach Works for a full overhaul. When complete, the 35-foot Gillig buses will be entirely refurbished and – most importantly – powered by zero-emission electric.

But first, they’re being stripped down to the frame.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the buses look like now:

Next comes the most exciting part – retrofitting with electric power!