New Route Highlights

Starting May 3, 2021, Twin Transit will roll out an entirely new route system, which will provide more comprehensive service and better access to riders. These routes were developed using extensive ridership data and are designed to provide better, more comprehensive service where it is needed most. To improve timeliness and consistency, flag stops willContinue reading “New Route Highlights”

Chehalis City Council Member Tony Ketchum Joins Twin Transit Board

Tony Ketchum has joined the Twin Transit Board, following the retirement of Chad Taylor. A Lewis County resident of 50 years, Ketchum is dedicated to helping our community thrive. In addition to serving on the Twin Transit Board, Ketchum is also a Chehalis City Council Member and sits on the boards of Visiting Nurses, HopeContinue reading “Chehalis City Council Member Tony Ketchum Joins Twin Transit Board”

Electric Bus Update

Twin Transit’s first electric bus is finally complete! It will soon be on its way to the Twin Cities. Check out current photos and a test drive video below. (Note how nice and quiet the ride sounds!)