Paratransit Gets a Face-LIFTT

Twin Transit is dedicated to getting you where you need to go. It all started when we launched our first fixed route bus service over 40 years ago. These initial routes slowly grew to encompass a large portion of the Twin Cities, stimulating economic development and providing access to employment, education, and life-essential services. TwinContinue reading “Paratransit Gets a Face-LIFTT”

Introducing: The Mellen Street e-Transit Station

Centralia’s Mellen Street Park & Ride is transforming into something new! When complete, the Mellen Street e-Transit Station will include electric bus wave induction charging, electric car charging, ample parking and visual enhancements. This new e-transit station will facilitate electric public transportation throughout the Twin Cities and along the Southwest Washington e-Transit Corridor, beginning withContinue reading “Introducing: The Mellen Street e-Transit Station”

The Future of Electric Transit

We have before us a tremendous economic and environmental opportunity. The availability of new, cost-saving, environmentally friendly technologies has given us the ability to transform our lives – and our communities – in a way that was never before possible. We must seize this opportunity and stride boldly into this new technological landscape. The firstContinue reading “The Future of Electric Transit”

Twin Transit Supports Employee Health

Twin Transit’s Health and Wellness Committee is committed to supporting the health and wellness of their fellow employees. We started off the summer with a step competition and a healthy eating potluck. Since then, we’ve shared healthy living tips and recipes, while brainstorming new ways to support our staff on their own wellness journeys. ThisContinue reading “Twin Transit Supports Employee Health”

Twin Transit Accepts Bids for New Mellen Street e-Transit Station

We’re one step closer! Twin Transit received 13 proposals for construction of the Mellen Street e-Transit Station during our recent bidding process. We would like to thank all the businesses who took the time to consider this important project and submit a bid. The contract has been awarded to Barcott Construction Inc. We are soContinue reading “Twin Transit Accepts Bids for New Mellen Street e-Transit Station”

Twin Transit Goes Green

Twin Transit has placed the official order for two grant-funded electric buses. Expected to arrive in December 2020, these vehicles will power environmentally friendly public transit between Centralia and Chehalis, starting in early 2021. The new buses will decrease emissions and make public transit more affordable. In addition, each bus is “recycled” from a currentContinue reading “Twin Transit Goes Green”

Twin Transit Introduces Back-to-Back Busing

Due to state-wide COVID-19 restrictions, Twin Transit buses have limited capacity. As ridership increases in response to county-wide reopening, a new model is needed to ensure safe social distancing. Twin Transit has developed an innovative solution, in order to continue serving everyone who relies on public transit to access work, education, and essential amenities. StartingContinue reading “Twin Transit Introduces Back-to-Back Busing”

Walk, Run, Bike and Get Outside!

After several months of staying home to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Lewis County is finally reopening. Many of us find ourselves not quite as healthy post-stay-home-order as we were in the beginning. According to recent Census Bureau data, nearly 35% of Washington residents are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression. There are many ways toContinue reading “Walk, Run, Bike and Get Outside!”