Centralia to SeaTac Airport

Catching a flight? Traveling from Centralia to SeaTac airport can be exhausting and expensive. It can be stressful to navigate traffic, only to struggle to find and then pay for parking. Are you looking for a cheaper and more enjoyable option? Did you know that you can travel from Centralia to SeaTac airport via bus with comfort and ease? Well now you can!  

My friend and I recently rode the bus from Centralia to SeaTac airport. It was simple and convenient! There are a few different travel options when making this trip, so I will describe the route we took and our experience. For reference, I will list the other travel options as well.  

In advance of our trip, we purchased FlixBus tickets for our connection from Olympia (Intercity) to SeaTac Airport Terminal 2. Our tickets cost $7.99 per person, each way. On the day of our departure, we arrived at Mellen e-Transit station by 7:25 a.m. and boarded the Twin Transit Green Line towards Olympia. The Green Line makes only two stops- first at the Tumwater L&I building and second at the Olympia Transit Center (OTC) in downtown Olympia.  

We arrived at OTC (Intercity) by 10:55 a.m. Due to the selected journey, we had one hour and twenty minutes to make our connection to our FlixBus. My friend and I chose to take a walk to grab some food and a coffee. There are many great restaurants and coffee stops within a few blocks of OTC.

We returned to OTC (Intercity) and boarded our FlixBus by 12:20 p.m., plugged our phones in to charge, used the free Wi-Fi onboard to roam the internet and enjoyed our short and direct ride to SeaTac airport terminal 2. This bus took 1 hour and 5 minutes and avoided traffic jams by utilizing bus lanes. Since both Twin Transit is fare-free, the only cost associated with our trip was our FlixBus tickets. These tickets cost us $7.99, per person, one way. We were dropped off by 1:25 p.m., directly at the end of the departure’s terminal, near Delta gates. My friend and I found that our journey was affordable, convenient, and even enjoyable! I will be riding the bus to the airport in the future!  

Travel Option 1

Transit routes are subject to change. Be sure to check all schedules, baggage requirements and fares well in advance of travel.  


  • Twin Transit Green Line from Mellen e-Transit Station to Olympia Transit Center (OTC)
    • 2 stops, 40 min 
  • Transfer times determined by selected ticket.
  • Transfer to FlixBus from OTC towards SeaTac Airport, Terminal 2
    • Direct, 1 hr 5 min, Prices Vary, Must Book in Advance

ADA Accessibility: Twin Transit and Intercity transit, yes.  Taken from FlixBus.com“All our partners’ buses are equipped with a wheelchair lift and can fit two passengers sitting in a mobility device. To make sure you get one of the two spots on your preferred journey we suggest you let us know as far in advance as possible. For your comfort one of our Customer Service Representatives will be happy to help you by phone at +1 (855) 626-8585.” 

Time: 1 hours 45 min, possibility longer with transfers 

Cost: Prices vary. Twin Transit is currently fare-free. 

Travel Option 2

Transit routes are subject to change. Be sure to check all schedules, baggage requirements and fares well in advance of travel.  


  • Transfer to Intercity Route 620 from OTC towards SR-512 Park& Ride
    • 12 stops, 44 min 
  • Transfer to Sound Transit Route 574 towards SeaTac, Terminal 2
    • 12 stops, 1 hr, $3.25 

ADA Accessibility: Yes. All segments 

Time: 3 hours, with transfers 

Cost: $3.25  

By Maleah James Kuzminsky, Twin Transit Travel Trainer 
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