What’s New

Track Your Bus in Real Time with Unite GPS

Tired of wondering exactly when your bus will arrive? Now you can find its location in real time with Unite GPS. Simply click here and select your route. You’ll be taken to a live map showing the current location of your bus. So linger a little longer over that morning cup of brew. With Unite GPS, you can step outside and climb aboard right on time. 

Human Response Network Expands Services with a New Bus from Twin Transit

Human Response Network of Lewis County is the only local organization accredited to help victims of domestic violence or sexual assault. In the last fiscal year, HRN served over 850 survivors. Twin Transit recently provided HRN with a bus for just $1 to support their mission. Now HRN can expand their service into East Lewis County and beyond. For more information, click here.

Kids Ride Twin Transit to The Boys and Girls Club of Chehalis 

The Boys and Girls Club of Chehalis provides a safe, uplifting place for local kids to learn and grow. While Chehalis students can ride the school bus to the Club, this option isn’t yet available for those in Centralia. Fortunately, these students can hop on Twin Transit. The Boys and Girls Club recently received a pack of free bus passes from Twin Transit, who wants to ensure all students make it there safely. 

Twin Transit Gives Free Bus Passes to Human Response Network of Lewis County

Human Response Network of Lewis County provides support and assistance to victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse. Twin Transit supports this important work by donating free bus passes to the organization. The goal? To ensure anyone in need can access HRN’s services and move toward a better life.