New Books on the Bus Program

Twin Transit recently launched a new Books on the Bus program in partnership with Timberland Regional Library, Shakespeare & Company and Rotary!

It’s just like it sounds: little free libraries in each Twin Transit bus. How cool is that?!

Hop on the bus, borrow a book, read it at your leisure, and return it to the book holder when you’re done – then repeat!

Timberland Regional Library and Shakespeare & Company are stocking these rolling libraries with a wide variety of books, including fiction, non-fiction, teen and children’s titles. The program will make good literature more readily available, enhance literacy, and provide hours of uplifting entertainment. After all, there’s nothing better than a good book!

This program coincides with the launch of our new student bus pass program, which has been created in partnership with Centralia High School, Futurus, and W.F. West.

This program allows high school students to get a semester-long bus pass for only $10 – right at their school. This makes it easier for kids to get around town, to after-school jobs, and access upper level educational opportunities.  

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