Paratransit Gets a Face-LIFTT

Twin Transit is dedicated to getting you where you need to go.

It all started when we launched our first fixed route bus service over 40 years ago. These initial routes slowly grew to encompass a large portion of the Twin Cities, stimulating economic development and providing access to employment, education, and life-essential services.

Twin Transit introduced a paratransit service to help individuals living with an ADA need. This program specifically serves qualifying individuals who live within ¾ of a mile of our fixed route service.

This type of ADA transportation program is often called “paratransit” service. However, Twin Transit’s paratransit program name has led to some confusion with Paratransit Services Inc., who provides transportation to Medicaid recipients throughout the region. Although the entities provide different services, people often (understandably) get the two paratransits confused. This has led to unnecessary difficulty navigating the system for both individuals and medical providers.

With the launch of Twin Transit’s new Dial-a-Ride door-to-door service, DARTT, we decided it was the perfect time to update the old paratransit name. Moving forward, Twin Transit’s paratransit service will be known as LIFTT.

LIFTT will continue to provide a ‘lift’ for those with an ADA need who qualify for the program. All other program parameters will remain the same. Only the name is changing.

We decided after all these years, it was time to give it a little LIFTT. 

For full program details, click here.

LIFTT: Life – Independence – Freedom – Twin Transit

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