Planning and Budgeting

At Twin Transit, our mission is to provide safe and accessible public transportation service in and around the cities of Centralia and Chehalis, Washington that is reliable, professional and financially sustainable. Our goal is to exceed public expectations by becoming an exemplary small transit system that embraces innovation, customer service and industry best practices. 

As we strive to meet these ideals, we are also looking toward the future.

Bids, Purchasing & Competitive Procurements:

None at this time.

Future Bus Service and Twin Transit’s 6 Year Transit Development Plan (TDP)

Curious about bus service expansions? By September 1st of each year, public transit authorities in Washington State, including Twin Transit, are required to submit a six-year Transit Development Plan (TDP) to the Washington State Department of Transportation. The Plan is a guiding document that describes how Twin Transit intends to change and fund modifications to transit service, equipment and facilities through 2026.

Below you will find the 2022 Annual Report and 2023-2028 Transit Development Plan.

The Twin Transit Board adopts the final Plan during their regular meeting in August. If you wish to submit comments, please send them via email to the General Manager. 

Annual Budget

Each fall the Twin Transit Board adopts a budget for the upcoming calendar year. The budget illustrates forecasted revenue amounts by source and planned expenditures by expense category. The General Manager is responsible for preparation of the annual budget and executing expenditures in accordance with the adopted amounts.

Planning and Budgeting

47th Annual Washington State Annual Transportation Conference Presentation by Joe Clark

The Hydrogen Highway Conference 06-14-23 in Bozeman, MT with a Presentation by Joe Clark:

46th Annual Washington State Annual Transportation Conference Presentation by Joe Clark:

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