Hop on Twin Transit!

You’ve got places to go, people to see and important things to do. Twin Transit can help you get there safely, easily and affordably. Our buses frequently traverse the town centers of Centralia and Chehalis as well as vibrant businesses, local hot spots, exciting attractions and more. Here are a few key places you can easily access by bus:

  • The Medical District
  • Centralia Outlets
  • Box Store Shopping District (Walmart and Home Depot)
  • Downtown Centralia
  • Downtown Chehalis
  • Thorbeckes
  • Boys and Girls Club of Chehalis
  • Southwest Washington Fairgrounds
  • Yardbirds
  • The County Seat

Click here for some simple tips and tricks to make riding the bus easy.

Did you know?

Each year nearly 250,000 rides are taken on buses operated by Twin Transit.

That’s a lot of rides!

Luckily, we have much better things to do right here in town.

So, see what all the hype is about and Hop on Twin Transit!

Please remember to follow our rider guidelines.

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