The Future of Electric Transit

We have before us a tremendous economic and environmental opportunity. The availability of new, cost-saving, environmentally friendly technologies has given us the ability to transform our lives – and our communities – in a way that was never before possible.

We must seize this opportunity and stride boldly into this new technological landscape.

The first step? Establishing electric, zero-emission transit along our main interstate and highway corridors. This will reduce the number of individual vehicles on the road and drastically lower carbon emissions. It will improve access to living-wage employment opportunities, educational options, services and amenities for those in smaller urban and rural communities. This will, in turn, improve wage potential and living conditions, reduce
poverty and crime, and implement a culture of opportunity and hope, yielding positive results for generations to come.

In addition, the use of zero-emission electric technologies establishes a cultural expectation that will inspire proliferation of wind, electric and solar power reliance throughout our region and beyond.

With benefits this pronounced waiting to be realized, we must not hesitate. We must adopt these new technologies swiftly and strategically, implementing creative new service models in the process. Now is the time for new innovations, creative solutions and unbridled potential.

The future is bright.