Travel Training

Have you thought about riding the bus but feel overwhelmed with where to begin? Are you looking for a transportation option that will allow you to save money on vehicle operation costs? Are you seeking to gain transportation autonomy but don’t drive? Maybe you’re new to the area and could benefit from having a Twin Transit travel trainer ride the bus with you for your first few rides? Whatever your situation may be, Twin Transit travel trainers are eager to help. 

Twin Transit Travel Training is a free program that teaches you how to use public transportation with confidence and ease. This is a short training designed to support passengers with any questions or concerns they might have as they use the public bus system. A travel trainer will work with you to determine what your transportation needs are and how Twin Transit services can best serve you. They will determine the most practical route for where you need to go and then a travel trainer will meet you at an agreed-upon location, board the bus route of your choice, and walk-through different aspects of bus safety, procedure and how to read route maps and timetables. Have you ridden the bus before but still feel a little confused or uneasy? Our friendly and professional travel trainers will work with you until you feel confident and safe using Twin Transit services.  

 Riding the bus is a transition, but one that will give you freedom and confidence. Riding the bus can help you get to school, work, the grocery store, medical appointments, social events and more! It gives you independence and frees you from having to rely on family and friends. Riding the bus is reliable and affordable, and through July 1, 2022, Twin Transit is fare-free! That’s more money in your pocket. Riding the bus can open the door to new jobs, services, and amenities, and connect you with family and friends in different areas. Having the knowledge to ride public transit is a skill that you can take with you, regardless of where you live or travel! 

Twin Transit travel training is entirely free. If your trip begins or ends within the Twin Transit service area, you are eligible for this service. All trainings must be approved by Twin Transit at least 72 hours in advance. Complete the form below to request your travel training session, today!

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