Twin Transit Goes Green

Twin Transit has placed the official order for two grant-funded electric buses. Expected to arrive in December 2020, these vehicles will power environmentally friendly public transit between Centralia and Chehalis, starting in early 2021.

The new buses will decrease emissions and make public transit more affordable. In addition, each bus is “recycled” from a current diesel bus, following grant requirements. This ensures that carbon and other hazardous emissions are reduced, while maximizing on pre-existing resources – a win on all fronts.

The electric buses are only the first step in a new wave of green technology integration. Twin Transit will soon begin construction on two electric transit stations, each outfitted with wave induction charging to power the electric buses in-route.

The new Mellen Street e-Transit Station will begin construction in September and the National Avenue e-Transit Station will commence construction in early 2021. Each e-transit station will also include electric vehicle charging stations, bicycle and pedestrian access, and visual enhancements. These projects will be the first of their kind in Lewis County and will provide significant economic stimulus.

“It’s an exciting time,” said Community Relations Director Andrea Culletto. “Twin Transit has worked toward integrating green technologies for a long time. To see that dream becoming reality is truly fantastic.”

This is just the beginning. As we embrace these new technologies, we are laying the foundation for widespread adoption; a more environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible future; and large-scale economic invigoration.

There are remarkable things on the horizon.

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