Did you know? Twin Transit launched updated routes!

Twin Transit is excited to announce the launch of its updated bus routes, which debuted on Tuesday, September 5th. Focusing on improving connectivity to work and education opportunities, these route updates will reduce travel times and increase frequency, better serving the needs of our community. Whether you’re a daily commuter or an occasional traveler, these changes are sure to simplify your journey.

What’s Changing?

All Lewis County routes will have updates, with the Yellow and Red lines seeing the most changes. We encourage all riders to review the updated rider timetable, as these changes will likely impact your travel plans. Below you can view the highlights of these changes and some of the most popular stops along each route.

Technology Updates

Twin Transit is in the process of implementing new software solutions that will allow riders to locate both fixed route buses and demand-response vehicles in real-time. Now, each Twin Transit bus stop has been assigned a unique stop code. By texting the stop code of your choice to the number 360-800-3366, passengers will be provided bus arrival information specific to where they are waiting for their bus, which will inform riders of delays due to weather, traffic or road work. Twin Transit is also pleased to provide riders with the Twin Transit app, which allows clients to book DARTT and LIFTT rides through a rider app- a more convenient and accessible solution for riders.

Rider Resources

To help passengers best understand and transition seamlessly to these new routes, Twin Transit has resources available for you! This includes a comprehensive guide available here, detailing the updated routes, schedules, and other helpful information. Twin Transit staff will be stationed at major bus stops and transfer points during the initial days of the launch to assist passengers with any questions or concerns they might have. Not sure you know which route is best for your travel plans? Our dispatch team is standing by to help. Simply call 360-330-2072, Monday – Friday 8AM – 4 PM, and a member of our team will provide the best wayfinding solution for your travel needs.

Do you still have questions? Twin Transit has a team of travel trainers eager to help. Twin Transit Travel Training is a free program that teaches you how to use public transportation with confidence and ease. This is a short training course designed to support passengers with any questions or concerns they might have as they use the public bus system. A travel trainer will work with you to determine what your transportation needs are and how Twin Transit services can best serve you. They will determine the most practical route for where you need to go and then a travel trainer will meet you at an agreed-upon location, board the bus route of your choice, and walk-through different aspects of bus safety, procedure, and how to read route maps and timetables. Twin Transit travel training is entirely free. If your trip begins or ends within the Twin Transit service area, you are eligible for this service. All training requests must be approved by Twin Transit at least 72 hours in advance. To learn more about travel training or to request your travel training session, please visit here.

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