Twin Transit Opens Mellen Street e-Transit Station

Twin Transit celebrated the Grand Opening of the Mellen Street e-Transit Station on June 3, 2021. What began as a simple park & ride has now been transformed into a comprehensive, clean energy-centered transit station, complete with electric bus service, wave induction charging, electric car charging, ample parking, and bicycle and pedestrian access.

Both of Twin Transit’s new electric buses were featured at the grand opening event. Re-fabricated from old diesel, these buses are the first step toward achieving our goal of a completely zero-emission fleet. The Mellen Street e-Transit Station, was designed as a launching pad for these and other new technologies.

The Mellen Street e-Transit Station is a marriage of innovative new technology and remarkable service. The site features a wave induction charger powerful enough to bump charge the electric buses throughout the day, simply by pulling them over the top of the charging pad. It also features two types of electric car chargers, one moderate and the other high-powered, so people can plug in their cars, hop on the bus and go shopping or grab a bite to eat while they charge.

People can access the Mellen Street e-Transit Station by driving, or by simply walking on the sidewalk. They can bike to it on the bike path. They can use it as a meeting point for a carpool or vanpool. Or they can schedule a ride on Twin Transit’s door-to-door transportation service, DARTT.

And from the Mellen Street e-Transit Station, they can catch a bus to key points throughout the Twin Cities, and all the way north to Tumwater and Olympia, from which they can connect with other transit providers and travel as far as Lacey, Aberdeen, Tacoma, SeaTac Airport, and beyond.

This is public transportation like we’ve never seen in Lewis County – and with Twin Transit’s electric buses, it’s quieter, cleaner, more comfortable, and more environmentally friendly than ever before.

Bu why does this really matter?

Because transportation is the key to everything. It’s access to a reliable job. It’s an opportunity for quality education through Running Start, college, vocational school, and internships. It’s a connection to grocery shopping and other life essential services for our senior citizens. In short, it’s the health, welfare and economic vitality of our community.  

These aren’t just buses. They’re opportunities – and with exciting new technologies like those of the Mellen Street e-Transit Station, the possibilities just got a whole lot bigger.

Check out these photos of the Mellen Street e-Transit Station Grand Opening Celebration:

The Mellen Street e-Transit Station also serves as the hub for Twin Transit routes and our new Centralia – Tumwater service, connecting Lewis County residents with public transportation to Tumwater, Olympia, Tacoma, Aberdeen, and beyond!

The Mellen Street e-Transit Station Grand Opening was a celebration of the vision, planning, and

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