Walk, Run, Bike and Get Outside!

After several months of staying home to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, Lewis County is finally reopening. Many of us find ourselves not quite as healthy post-stay-home-order as we were in the beginning. According to recent Census Bureau data, nearly 35% of Washington residents are experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression.

There are many ways to treat these conditions, including eating healthy, connecting with friends and family, medical intervention, and talk therapy. Another well-established treatment option is physical exercise. This latter option is especially appealing now that the rain has retreated and summer has finally arrived!

Twin Transit is encouraging everyone to walk, run, bike and get outside. This more physically engaged lifestyle can improve health and increase social connections – while physically distancing.

Some of the healthiest communities in the world are known for their more active lifestyle. Counter to popular belief, this isn’t about intense exercise and punishing workouts. It’s actually about moving continuously throughout the day.

In a nutshell, the more you move, the healthier you’ll be.

Lewis County is an exceptionally beautiful place. Why not get outside, breathe the fresh air, take in some sun and savor it? You can enjoy a plethora of local parks and trails, like the Willapa.

Many local residents live within a few miles of a grocery store, which means your weekly errands can be done while getting out and getting healthy.

For those who live outside this range? “Twin Transit buses are outfitted with bike racks,” said Community Relations Director Andrea Culletto. “You can easily combine bike riding, walking or running with using public transit if you’re going further than you’re comfortable traveling on your own.”

 To really make the most of your time, combine walking, running or bike riding with friends and family members. “These are all great activities that we can do outside, while socially distancing,” Culletto said.

Twin Transit is encouraging healthy outdoor activity with a team-wide step challenge. “We divided our staff into two random teams,” explained Operations Director Melissa Shoemaker. “Whichever team gets in the most steps, wins. We’re having a healthy-food potluck at the end to announce the winner.”

“This is a fun way we can all get a little healthier together,” said Culletto. “COVID-19 was hard on everyone. But we have to take care of ourselves and each other. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s walk, run or bike there together.”

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