Rider Guidelines

To help make your ride as safe and enjoyable as possible, please observe the following rules:

Before you Board

Be at the stop several minutes early to catch the bus. Have your fare or pass ready to show the driver. Please note that exact change is required, as the driver cannot make change.

Packages and Peripherals

Limit packages and carry-on items to what you can carry in one trip and keep on your lap. Carts for carrying packages must be collapsed and stowed on the lap or beneath the seat.


Pets are allowed on the bus in an escape-proof container. Working service animals meeting Federal Transit Administration (FTA) criteria do not have to be in a carrier. Any animal may be denied service if it is being unruly, aggressive or threatening.

While on the Bus

  • Please stay seated
  • Be mindful of other passengers while on your cell phone
  • Rude or offensive conduct will be grounds for dismissal
  • Music or headphones must not be audible to others
  • No food or beverages without lids
  • No smoking

Traveling with Small Children

Children should be removed from strollers and seated in a seat or a parent’s lap. Strollers must be capable of being collapsed and stowed if capacity requires.

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